The Morning Star… Honest Truth

I wanna fly just like Jesus Christ
With a smoked black tongue and a
Twisted bite. Reach for liquid…

The City goes down to sleep tonight
Do you think down in heaven,
it wil be….
All right?

I’m Honest
And I’m True
I am the light
I am the truth

I dreamed in red
My nose it bleed
White was the window
Her Ghost… Was fed

Holy Priest, thick with lust
Destroyers of Faith, Christ and Child.
He filled her throat with thick disgust
How she must hate God so?

I’m Honest
And I’m true
I am the light
I am the truth

Her first communion
is over and past.
She can never had understood
Your kisses. Her soul and body
Embraced by your flesh.
Crawled with the rotten kiss of Jesus.
So still I wonder…
Down in heaven will she be all right? Just fine….

I’m Honest
And I’m true
I an the light
I am the truth

©Carlson 2013
Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud



She was never really happy with anyone
She was never really happy at all
She’d set them all up for felicity
She lined them all up for the fall

She liked to read Nietzsche
And Nabokov
With her suicide letters
You’ll never wonder at all…

©Carlson 2013

The Damned

The lady in white’s hands
Were sore and red
From the bloodstains that flowed
From choking The Damned.

The violent screams and
And the tortured sleep was now
silent from the death of
The Damned.

Her body, now, shall never again sleep
Over Swollen sheets,
And only the devil and I will know but
We’ll get on just fine.

© Carlson 2013